If want a password to open some posts that i protected

 please mention me on twitter @blackcloudies

or via email




  1. Minta pw rain in the romance drizzle. . .
    Crita.a menarik. . .

    • ask me on @woonsyuju 🙂 nanti aku kasih tauk ㅋㅋ

  2. haruskah lwt tweet? g bs lewat email ya?? jebaaahl 😥
    aku g pny tweet… males ngurusnya. fb aja mls. apa lg tweet. plis kk author. klo bolh kirmn k aja ya.. plisss

  3. annyeong author^^ aku reader baru, boleh minta password Protected: FF — What Happened In Kyumin Room? aku udah follow twitter author^^ n udah minta di twitter^^ nama Twitter ku @fiacho_ELF^^

  4. author, blh gx aq minta pw-y melalui e-mail????

    • boleh :))

      • makasih

        author bs minta almt e-mailnya supaya aq bs minta pw dr e-mail

  5. Hi, i’m a new reader here. I was never find this blog before, and i just read one of your yewon ff. It sooo sweet to me ^^ wonder if you are still active or not….. thank u ^^

    • hello there ^^
      welcome to my ff blog.
      yeap (actually) as a author Im still active until now but I rarely submit my stories here 😉

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