Posted by: blackcloudies | May 30, 2013

[Fic Summary] upcoming bday fanfict for Ira Julian / Strawberry Love (Apple Love’s sequel)


Title : Strawberry Love

Sequel : Apple Love

Author : Blackcloudies

Cast : Main!Yesung/Ryeowook, Heechul, Sungrae(Hee’s daughta/Wook’s lilsist)

Genre : Romance

Length : Oneshot

Disclaimer : The casts are belong to GOD and themselves. “Strawberry Love” © Mine.

Warning : [!] This is boys-love story. [!!] Unbetaed [!!!] all casts are related with “Apple Love” fanfic by IraJulian and DweeRae (Me/Blackcloudies)


A/N : 10th July.

Summary : Ryeowook sangat menginginkan buah strawberry. Sangat menginginkannya! Seperti ia menginginkan untuk selalu bersama dengan Yesung.

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